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If there’s one thing we’re more passionate about than good food, it’s sustainability. Eating more plants isn't just good for you - it's great for the planet! 

As well as providing access to a healthier (but still equally delicious) way of eating, at Rooted we’re dedicated to being part of the solution towards a more sustainable way of eating.

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We're 100% plastic free

When we started on our mission to bring more plants into the diets of our fellow Australians, for not only their health but the planet’s health, we knew we needed to think hard about our packaging. In the food industry, being plastic-free is no small feat - in the meal delivery space, it’s practically unheard of.

We pioneered 100% home compostable packaging

Only 9% of all plastics manufactured is actually recycled. The vast majority either ends up buried in landfill, or swept into the ocean.

When we began designing our packaging, we didn't want to just leave it to chance for our packaging to find its way to a recycling facility. Being recyclable wasn't enough for us, and it wouldn't be enough to make a difference.

It took an incredible amount of research and investigation to arrive at our packaging today. Our criteria sounded simple in theory; our packaging needed to be made from natural, renewable and non-toxic materials, and it needed to be easily compostable. As easy as, finish-your-meal-and-throw-it-in-the-backyard-compost-where-it'll-become-mulch-for-your-garden kind of easy. No middle men.

We wanted to be sure that, once our meals were enjoyed, our packaging would be able to naturally decompose and release its nutrients back into the earth.

Read the complete guide to our 100% home compostable packaging here.

We designed our meals to help eliminate food waste

To naturally preserve fresh foods and lock in the nutritional goodness, Rooted meals undergo a special process called “snap freezing”. This actually keeps your food fresher than meals you’ll find in supermarket fridges, which degrade as every hour passes. That means we can hand-cook every meal, just like you would at home, without needing to add anything you wouldn't find in your own kitchen. Freezing also has a massive impact on food waste - which is totally against our ethos on living sustainably. No more throwing away wilted veg from the back of your fridge! Eat our menu on your schedule, zero waste, zero hassle.

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We're 100% plant-based

A plant-based diet can reduce your food carbon footprint by more than 70%; in fact, it’s the diet with the lowest environmental impact.

We're committed to sustainability

At Rooted, we knew we wanted to make a meaningful impact. Less plastic, more plants. It’s our simple recipe to healthier people and a happier planet.