A Complete Guide to Rooted's 100% Home Compostable Packaging




We'd started Rooted super bright-eyed and idealistic. "We're gonna change the world!" we'd vowed solemnly, "With plant based foods and sustainable packaging!"

Everywhere we looked, we found plastic. Supermarket shelves, online stores - everything on the market was packaged in plastic, even if they'd tried to greenwash themselves. It was just the norm.

Rooted was born to help spread our message of sustainability. Serving our plant-based foods in plastic just seemed like the biggest contradiction of that message... Regardless of how easy (and inexpensive!) it would have been to go with that option, it just didn't make sense for us.

We did our research. We combed through market feedback.

"I love the idea of minimising my food waste," reviews of popular meal kits said, "but I just can't justify all the plastic waste it comes with."

The sustainability measures spearheaded by industry leaders didn't seem enough.

We didn't want to just leave it to chance for our packaging to find its way to a recycling facility. Being recyclable wasn't enough for us, and it wouldn't be enough to make a difference. Surely we can do more, we thought.

"There's much to be done in terms of educating consumers about recycling, but [...] the onus should fall on companies who are packaging their goods in a wasteful manner. Sure, thanks for the recycling information, but what are YOU actually going to do about this, and how do you create a truly sustainable package?"

Just How Much Of A Packaging Waste Problem Do Meal Kit Companies Have Anyway?
- The Dieline

Some tireless research and exhaustive trial-and-errors later, we arrived at our packaging. Our criteria sounded simple in theory; our packaging needed to be made from natural, renewable and non-toxic materials, and it needed to be easily compostable. As easy as, finish-your-meal-and-throw-it-in-the-backyard-compost-where-it'll-become-mulch-for-your-garden kind of easy. No middle men.

This journey led us to developing Australia's first home-compostable ice pack, once we found there was no such solution on the market. These ice packs accompany every order to ensure your food is kept nice and cool on its journey to you. 

"Most of [the meal kit companies] instruct customers to thaw the freezer packs, cut open the plastic exterior, which is recyclable in some places, and then dump the thawed goo into the garbage [...] in less than a month the packs—which are roughly the size of a photo album—had crowded practically everything else out of my freezer."

The Truth About Meal-Kit Freezer Packs
- Mother Jones

We wanted to be sure that, once our meals were enjoyed, our packaging would be able to naturally decompose and release its nutrients back into the earth. We present: a complete guide to Rooted's 100% home-compostable packaging.

meal packaging

Rooted meals are stored in specially designed trays made of natural sugarcane fibre, lined with certified home compostable, food safe brown paper - eliminating the need for any plastics traditionally used.


After use, simply tear up the tray and lid into smaller pieces before placing everything into your home compost.

delivery box + thermal liners 

Our meals are delivered in a cardboard box, lined with thermal insulation constructed from 100% recycled paper, keeping your meals nice and cool.


After use, you can tear up the box and liners into smaller pieces before placing them in your home compost, or straight into your council recycling bin.

ice packs

Rooted is the first meal delivery service providing home-compostable ice packs in Australia. Our unique ice packs were developed and produced in-house, using a fully home compostable material made of cassava root & corn. All natural, non-toxic, and made from renewable resources.


After use, simply empty the water inside the ice pack into your garden and place the remaining material into your home compost.

stickers + tape

When we said everything, we meant it. Our stickers use a soy-based ink, printed on acid-free paper, and use a non-toxic adhesive element. Our tape is the same.


After use, you can place these in your home compost or straight into your council recycling bin.