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This is Rooted.

Eating healthy doesn't have to mean eating boring.

Your food should be clean, healthy, delicious, convenient. It should also be fun. There's no compromises when it comes to you, babe. 

Psst, we have to tell you something.

Hi, we're Nicoletta and Steph, co-founders of Rooted. And we have a confession. 

We've both had a fraught relationship with food since we were young. It always felt like there wasn't enough time; to learn new habits, to prepare nourishing food, to take a breath while we raced into the next stage of life.

Enough was enough. We knew we had to break the cycle - and that's why we started Rooted.

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Getting Rooted is actually good for you...

Go on, tell your mum. 

At Rooted, everything we make is built on vegetables and crafted into food so delicious, you won't believe it's actually good for you. 

We're made to suit you. Frozen, because our method means more nutrients, better flavour, and food that keeps up with the pace of your life. And—when you're juggling way more than you think you can, or you're taking the night off—our food is delivered to you and ready in minutes.

By making food you crave, and ensuring it's also quick to make and always on hand, we make it easier for you to eat more fruit + vegetables every day.

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Plant based

Eating more plants is the best way for people and our planet to thrive. So we made it delicious.

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Guilt free

Dairy free. Gluten free. Meat free. It's good, clean food - built on vegetables.

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Zero waste

Our packaging is 100% home compostable, from our house-made ice packs to our paper insulation liners. Read more here.


The origin story.

Girl meets girl. They exchange MSN details. They're attached at the hip for the next fourteen years. A love story for the ages.

When we were growing up, we took turns hanging out at each other's households. Every occasion was celebrated with colourful food, thanks to our Cypriot and Vietnamese backgrounds.

Food has always been something we were passionate about. Food with flavour, food with spice, food that's fun. When we got out of high school and found our trusty metabolisms starting to slow down, not gonna lie - we mourned. We mourned all the delicious foods and indulgent treats we'd have to farewell, just to stay 'healthy'. We'd never eat pizza again... 

Right...as if

We got to work and created the healthiest versions of our favourite foods, so we could eat to our hearts' content. Food so good, you can't help but feel naughty.

The best part? They take just minutes to prepare, because nobody understands lazy better than we do.

Eat healthy. Stay lazy. Save the planet. It's easier than you think!

- Steph & Nic x